About Newborn mamas

First of all Congratulations! 

You are at the start of the most exciting journey of your life.

The journey to motherhood!

As you are about to start this journey you may be very excited but you may also feel some fear for what lies ahead! Whatever your parenting choices are, please remember that having a newborn means you are going to be a newborn mother as well and truth is that nothing can prepare you enough for motherhood as you can only learn by doing!  

So the first thing to do is ask for help and be specific on what kind of help you need and want as people may have the will but not the experience to help.

Isolation is not the way to go for new mothers. In traditional societies the new mother was given great care and attention from her whole village and everybody helped, hence the proverb "It takes a village to raise a child". In modern societies nuclear families prevailed and this has eclipsed. Also attachment parenting, although beneficial for baby and mother, has put a lot of pressure on her shoulders and without her getting the support she needs the odds are against her.  So build your village and assign roles!

But you may say "I am an expat and don't know many people, my family is far away or I don't want them staying with me..". Well, that is where a postpartum doula can help.

Mother Breastfeeding Baby
mother holding baby