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So, the postpartum period is finished, maybe you are back to work-maybe not. But now your baby is older and your life is a lot different than before the baby:

-you definitely have less spare time

-you feel your body is different, you might be having some pregnancy or birth reminders, have more weight or just feel less fit!

What is now however necessary is to make some time for yourself during the week and to take care of yourself and your body. This is important for psychological reasons as well as to avoid problems/pains in every day life, in a future pregnancy or even in menopause!

Ahimsa Yoga is based on Hatha Yoga which combines breathing exercises with asanas and Yoga Nidra as a bonus at the end!!

It is especially designed to help you strengthen your body and avoid back problems (you still need to lift your older baby some more years)! 

Christina combines her experience in Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga with her 200hrs Training in Hatha Yoga (200RYT) and gives you a program that will slowly make you stronger and more flexible in order to be fit & healthy or in order to progress in more intense forms of exercise if you that's your thing:-)  

Partners/men are welcome!!

Yoga is a great complementary exercise to any other sport.

It improves range of motion/flexibility, breathing/sleep and is an amazing tool to relief stress.

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