Happy Baby Yoga & Fun 

Birthlight™ Baby Yoga benefits:

- Supports bonding between parent and baby

- Builds trust & understanding

- Relaxing and calming

- Stimulates nervous system

- Strengthens of muscles, maintains flexibility of joints

Birthlight™ Toddler Yoga benefits (2-5years):

- Supports bonding

- Promotes strength and flexibility

- Provides the foundation for a healthy lifestyle

- Sustains loving and playful contact and communication.

- Provides a positive shared routine\nProvides an opportunity for parents to exercise and have fun     with their children.

- Supports integrated development and self confidence

- Creates circles of friendship


Peaceful Babes Yoga benefits (5-17years):

- Strong, flexible, healthy body

- Feel calm and peaceful

- Healthy nervous system

- Helps concentration

- Strong immune system

- Self discovery

- Self confidence 

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