Happy Mama Yoga

Birthlight™ Pregnancy & Postnantal Yoga

Birthlight™ Institute was founded by Françoise Barbira Freedman a medical anthropologist at the University of Cambridge who used her experience in the Peruvian Amazonia to develop various yoga programs, in land and water, to share initially with friends and eventually with the greater public.

Happy Mama Yoga & Dance:

- Facilitates ease of movement

- Works on expanding breathing capacity & lengthen exhale

- Mobilises and gives full range of pelvic movement

- Gain awareness of pelvic floor muscles and tone them

- Releases stress and connects with baby

- Is simply fun!

Postnatal Yoga benefits:

-Helps postnatal recovery

-Helps to realign the spine and create balance

-Minimises effect of carrying /feeding baby or carrying cots/seats by strengthening the core

-Strengthens abdominal & perineum muscles after birth

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