What is a Postpartum Doula?

As a Postpartum Doula my job is Mothering the Mother.

Often after birth women experience the reverse Cinderella syndrome! While during pregnancy you are the star and everybody pays extra attention to you (family, friends and even strangers) after birth you turn into a simply tired mum! And on top of that everybody expects you to know all about mothering a tiny fragile new person in the most efficient way-and that's not always easy!! Well my role is to take care of You and to make sure everyone else takes care of you too. Because if you are taken well care of then you will be able to provide the best care for your baby and after giving birth a mothers only job should be falling in love with her baby and learning to breastfeed, nothing else.

Dr Dana Raphael,  US Anthropologist and breastfeeding advocate studied postpartum traditions and breastfeeding in 178 cultures and discovered that "breastfeeding was a physiological process that needed to have something in place in the culture or else the lactation function would not work. Breastfeeding needs support".

As a postpartum doula my support revolves around three axes, the first one is the emotional where I can create the space for mamas to process their birth experience and their new-mum insecurities small or big, and provide support in their breastfeeding journey. The second is the physiological one where through my training in Birthlight Pre & Postnatal Yoga I can help them prepare for birth and recover from it and through massage I can help increase that wonderful oxytocin. Finally, the third one is the practical one where I can nurture them with nutritious Ayurvedic meals, help create a network for them and organise their household in the most efficient way to save their energy. I can help mums and their partner in this journey by providing evidence based information concerning baby's development until they have developed the necessary confidence and found their rhythm and parenting style.


My goal is to make the postpartum period one of your happiest memories and for you to be a Happy New Mama!