​What you will learn: 

  • What really happens after birth & the role of birth itself

       -physically (hormonal changes, delivery aftermath..)

-psychologically (postnatal mood disorders risk factors, stats etc)

-practically (babys' needs/behaviours, realistic expectations)​

  • Learn how breastfeeding helps mamas in the postpartum period 

  • Find out what N.U.R.S.E. is and its importance and benefits for newborn mothers

  • The role of partners and caregivers in Covid-19 times

  • Learn from the past and traditional societies – YES women have given birth for thousands of years and in every part of the world so it can’t be so hard BUT…

-what changed from pre-industrial to modern societies

-what is different in other (more traditional) parts of the world

-what can we learn from the above

  • Gain practical tools, tips and resources in order to prepare, look forward and enjoy the first 40 days

-how to plan meals

-sleeping arrangements

-how to get the best out of people who help

-how both partners can have time to enjoy their newborn / planning your day

  • And much more…..


  • You will receive worksheets before the session to fill in which we will discuss during the workshop

  • Duration is 3,5 hrs plus a 30' break 

  • A summary booklet with all the main point is your to keep afterwards


If the day/hours do not suit you Private sessions are available, just send an email.